Somaliland: EU Maritime Capacity Building Mission (EUCAP) organizes CID Training course in Hargeisa


EUCAP press statement 

Somaliland EUCAP Facilities CID Training in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- The EU Maritime Capacity Building Mission (EUCAP) organised a comprehensive Criminal Investigation Department (CID) training course in Hargeisa in cooperation with the Somaliland Police between 25th- 27th April.
A total of twenty-five trainees participated in the course including ten Police Officers, ten Coast Guard Officers and 5 Prosecutors.
The participants learned about investigation techniques, evidence handling and crime scene management.
Besides mentoring and advising on technical aspects of the training, the course aimed at supporting and enhancing the collaboration among different law enforcement and maritime law enforcement agencies.
Understanding partner needs in the chain of the mutual task of investigating crime cases will lead to more effective law enforcement actions.
“A comprehensive training with the interaction of Police, Coast Guard and prosecutors is an important step in contributing to security capacity building in Somaliland,” said EUCAP Police Adviser, who led the facilitation of the course.
As part of the course’s closing ceremony, the Mission donated equipment for investigation of crime scenes to the Somaliland police force that included digital cameras with extra lenses, two forensic optical comparators and a set of special torches for different crime scene or laboratory use.
EUCAP is a civilian EU mission, under the auspices of the Common Security and Defence Policy, which assists Somaliland in strengthening its capacity to ensure maritime security.
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