Somaliland: Briefing Paper Validates Severity of Drought in the Country


Almost 75 of livestock mainstay of livelihoods in Somaliland devastated by drought

Somalilandsun- People in the rural areas of Eastern sanaag region of Somaliland which is most affected are absent from their land having moved to western regions of Somaliland, across the border to Puntland or joined their relatives in near districts.
According to a detailed report on the prevalent drought in Somaliland Mahmoud Saeed Adan a mid researcher at university of Bristol who conducted a study in Sanaag region and as recommendation the researcher urges the revival of the
National Environment Research and Disaster-preparedness).
Similarly Some of the participants stated that government has no clear strategy to address the droughts and disabled the mandatory agency to Sheikhs who have no clear idea about copying mechanisms and mitigation strategies of drought. Decisions distributed to aid are more biased because it is either the wish of the drought committee or politicized information by government officials6. Second, Grass reserves shall be re-established. The grass reserves will keep the livestock survive during the drought. Third, water Dams is important to install in all regions and keep them save to use during drought. The fourth and final one mentioned is to ensure Early warning system for droughts in Somaliland.
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