Somaliland: Ethiopian Use of Berbera Port Boosts its Viability as a Regional Harbour


Says the Somaliland VP Sayli as Expansion and upgrading works on Berbera Port proceeds at speed

An Ethiopian delegation with officials from the hosting government of somaliland inspect Berbera port

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun – The expansion and upgrading of Berbera port will boost its viability as a regional harbour.

This sentiment was expressed by the Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Sayli’i upon an inspection tour he paid the facility.

The VP at the same time said that the recent SL-Ethio agreement on the use of the port will fledge it as a major hub since it would put it in a better position to complete with other harbours.

“I’ve seen the major constructions going on in building the yards”, he said.

“I hail the port CEO together with the staffers on the upgrading efforts they are exerting”, added the VP.

He lauded the 31st March 2016 agreement on the use of the port that SL entered with her giant Ethiopian neighbor hence acknowledged its importance in boosting the economy.

The Information, Culture and National Guidance minister Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardiid said that it was vivid to any recent visitor to the facility to discern the developmental steps taken so far.

He said that they port being a major state coffer will have its viability boosted as far as economical aspects are concerned.

On the other hand the Berbera Port Manager Eng. Ali Hoor-hoor welcomed the VP and his delegation hence gave a detailed outline on the works going on in expanding the port.

The port is currently undergoing a major expansion, upgrading and face-lifting construction which is going to widen its capacity hence facilitate for more bulky importation.

This is of course going to boost the port as a major hub.

Over the week the Ethiopian state minister for foreign affairs Taye Atshe-Selassie had praised and acknowledged the efforts SL government was making on the security and stability front hence dwelt on the need for both government to see to it that the bilateral relations between them bore fruits.

Minister Taye received SL’s Ambassador Aden Muse Jibril in his office hence their talks mainly focused on the use of the Berbera port as reported in the local press.