Somaliland: Ethiopia Deports Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd


Warlord from America Ali K Galaydh ponders his next move

By: Yusuf M Hasan
ADIS ABABA (Somalilandsun) – The self made president of a nonexistent state dubbed Khatumo, Prof Ali khalif Galayd has been deported from Ethiopia.
The American citizen who has been waging war against the republic of Somaliland in pursuit of curving out a state dubbed Khatumo purportedly to be hived off parts of Sool region and specifically for his Dhulbahante clan is currently reported to be stranded in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.
Prof Galayd who was attending a meeting on enhancing and expanding the Somalia Federal Government is in his current displaced status after the Ethiopian Government termed him persona non grata as a result of complains by the Government of Somaliland.
The deportation of the Warlord from America is related to an official complain lodge by Hargeisa with the Addis Ababa last month after Galayd sought refuge in Ethiopia following the disruption by the Somaliland army of his alleged swearing-in ceremony as the president of Khatumo in SaahDheer town in Sool region last month.
During the army’s final putsch against the Khatumoist secessionists in which the clan warlord escaped arrest narrowly thus subsequently entering Ethiopia where he was reportedly attempting to reorganize his militias a number of lawmakers from Somalia and other notables were captured and awaiting arraignment in court for subversive activities.

Following his escape to Ethiopia which is known to have been facilitated by the president of the zone five Somalia Administrative regions Abdi Mahmud Illeye the Somaliland government lodged an official complaint with the Addis Ababa authorities during an expedited visit by foreign affairs minister Mohamed Behi Younis and Interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade.
For Somaliland the deportation of Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd is a big diplomatic coup facilitated by the friendly government of Ethiopia and is expected to have a huge impact within international Community circles that have not only remained persistently remained silent on the insecurity posed by the Khatumo secession within Somaliland and the wider Horn region but are known to be overt sympathizers of the Professor Warlord and covert funders of his clan militias as well.
Hopefully Nairobi shall have the gumption of denying Galayd any form of legitimacy in Kenya thence deport him to the USA his country of citizenship where Somalilanders in the Diaspora are awaiting him for a legal case in court as pertains his war activities in Somaliland.
Though the IC has caught up with the lies fed it by Galayd over the years, the irony and salient at that, of the whole Secession movement in Sool region is that the territory claimed as encompassing the mythical Khatumo state is exactly the one in which CONOCO an American energy company has Oil concessions granted by former Dictator Mohamed Siad Barre before collapse of the union between Somaliland and Somalia.
Meanwhile Somalilandsun which received the news of the impactful deportation in the morning section could not publish it awaiting official confirmation from at least one of the four governments involved namely Kenya, Somaliland, Ethiopia or Somalia of which none has been forthcoming by the time of publishing.

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