Somaliland: Ethiopia Condemns Massacre of its innocent Citizens in Libya


Somalilandsun- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia unreservedly condemns the horrific and deliberate massacre of innocent migrants committed by terrorists in Libya.

Ethiopia denounces any such inhuman actions against innocent people and even more so when these actions were supposedly committed in the name of religion. Atrocities of this kind had nothing to do with religion: they merely illustrated the psychotic and atrocious nature of terrorism and violent extremism. There could never be any excuse for such deliberate crimes against humanity. Ethiopia has been in the frontline against terrorism for a number of years and been a leader in the fight against extremism and terrorism. Its determination to prevent terrorism taking root in Ethiopia underlines why it has taken an active role to help respond to the terrorist activities of Al-Shabaab in neighboring Somalia, elsewhere in the sub-region and internationally. Ethiopia will remain seized and vigilant toward off terrorism and extremism. The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia strongly condemns the brutal murder of innocent people. It is confirmed that Ethiopian citizens are among the victims of this heinous act. While condemning this, the Ethiopian Government will continue its investigation into this horrific and criminal act. The Government is ready to repatriate any and all Ethiopians in Libya. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on all Ethiopians residing in Libya to contact the nearest Ethiopian Embassies in Cairo and Khartoum for assistance. The government is also contacting other stakeholders to help Ethiopian citizens leave Libya. The Ministry welcomed the strong condemnation of the killings by the AU, USA, Canada and the international community.
Press statement -MoFA