Somaliland Entices British Investors at the UK-Africa Investment Conference 2021


Somalilandsun:  Upon completion the Berbera Port expansion by the DP World from the United Arab Emirates is nearing completion is going to play a major role in the Horn of Africa development and the UK should take this advantage through investments.

This was stated by the Somaliland envoy to Kenya, Bashe Omar Awil as part of his briefing about investment in the country at the 2021 UK-Africa investment Conference held in London on the 20th January.

The Africa Investment Conference 2021 provided a platform for UK and African businesses to make connections and learn more about the support offered by the UK Government to business and investors. It also was an opportunity for attendees to hear directly from UK companies about the opportunities and challenges of investing in and doing business across Africa. The virtual conference was delivered with the support of the recently established Africa Investors Group (a g It was great to be part of the conference that seeks to link British and African businesses focusing on creating future investment opportunities in sustainable infrastructure, agriculture and green technology. We also like to implore the UK businesses to venture into Berbera port which is going to play a Major role in the Horn of Africa development,” said Bashe.

Bashe said Somaliland will actively play a role in the UK-Africa partnership by offering opportunities for British citizens to venture and invest in the country.

Somaliland envoy to Kenya Amb Bashe Awil participates in the virtual 2021 UK-Africa investment Conference

“UK does not need any introduction to Somaliland. The British first visited Somaliland over 100 years ago and turned the country into a protectorate before we got independence in 1960. The UK knows the potential of Somaliland and what the country has to offer in terms of investment opportunities,” Bashe said. rouping of some of the UK’s largest investors in Africa), Invest Africa, and PwC.

The conference came one year after the UK-Africa Investment Summit hosted in London by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where 27 trade and investment deals worth £6.5bn and commitments worth £8.9bn were announced.

More than one thousand people attended the summit, including Heads of State and Ministers from African Governments, CEOs and senior representatives from African and British businesses, institutional investors, international organisations, financial institutions and civil society.

According to a statement released by the UK government the Summit agreed new lasting partnerships between the UK and African countries to deliver more investment having laid the foundations for new partnerships between the UK and African nations based on trade, investment, shared values and mutual interest. Billions of pounds of new commercial deals were announced highlighting the strength of the UK’s offer and existing relationship with Africa.

UK’s top trading partners in africa

The UK also announced new initiatives and funding which will: strengthen the joint trading relationship, support African countries in their ambition to transform their economies, launch a major new partnership with the city of London, turbo-charge infrastructure financing, and enable Africa’s clean energy potential. Taken together, this will help to realise the UK’s ambition to be the investment partner of choice for Africa, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and ensure the mutual prosperity of all our nations.  Full details HERE