Somaliland: Eng Warabe at Socialists Int Council in Angola


Eng Feisal A Warabe at the Socialist International 2nd Council meeting held in Luanda Angola on 27 28 Nov 2015

Somalilandsun – Engineer Fisal Ali , the Chair of UCID represented the Republic of Somaliland in the meeting of councils in Luanda , the capital of Angola on Nov 27/28 2015, hosted by the MPLA, its member party in Angola.

Delegates converged in Angola’s capital representing SI member parties and organisations from across Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. The one-and-a-half-day meeting addressed the main themes of “Working for global stability, peace and security in times of crisis”, “Struggling for equality and common progress in an interdependent world”, and “COP21 – Our goal for a universal binding agreement, common commitments, differentiated demands and precise objectives”.Keep reading at the Socialist International