Somaliland: Eng Deyr Re-assumes PPU Duties at the Presidency


PPU head duties entail 24/7 diligence to duties related to providing the public through the media with happenings at the presidency- outgoing Abdirahman Shamah
“Am back at the PPU upon reappointment by the president courtesy of prior performance” incoming Eng Hussein Deyr

Witnessed by deputy presidency minister Mohamed Abees c Eng Hussein Deyr and outgoing Somalilamd presidential spokesperson Abdrirahman Shamah exchange official documents

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The presidential press unit is enjoying enhanced cooperation with local media created by its outgoing head Abdirahman Sh Elmi Sh Fahiye ‘Shamah’
His was stated by the Somaliland presidency state minister Mohamed Muse Abees during a handover function at the presidency in Hargeisa where Eng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Hussein Deyr’ took over as presidential spokesperson.
The handover and subsequent change of top honcho at the Presidential Press Unit was occasioned by a recent reshuffle by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo that saw Eng Hussein Deyr takeover as spokesperson with his predecessor appointed as legal advisor to the president.
Abees who is acting for presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi said that the office of PPU the main conduit for informing the public on activities undertaken by the executive branch of the Somaliland government.
Flanked by his Industry colleague Shuaib Mohamed Muse and his ministry’s protocol and personnel directors, minister Mohamed Muse Abees upon witnessing handover signatures welcomed Eng Hussein Deyr to the office of presidential spokesperson while wishing Abdirahman Shamah success in his new advisory duties.
Abdirahman Shamah is awarded a certificate of diligence from the presidency ministry In his farewell speech former PPU chief Abdirahamn Shamah who leaves with a certificate of service diligence from the presidency ministry said that it was a honour to have served his president and country at the office which is in operation “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”
Shamah a former journalist of long standing in Somaliland where he worked as news editor at the Somali and Arabic services of Radio Hargeisa before graduating from the faculty of law at University of Hargeisa thence a subsequent legal practice prior to PPU hied appointment.
According to Shamah though duties of presidency spokesperson include note taking at the weekly cabinet meetings, disseminating information to the public, the arduous task he faced during his seven months stint pertains to the DP world contract due to the mass of data and details involved.
On a personal front the most satisfying for Shamah was establishing a digitalized information system, acquisition of staff transport and enhanced cooperation with local and international media houses both public and private.
“When I assumed office it was difficult to cater PPU staff due to reliance on transportation from the presidency motor pool, but thanks to the president accepting my request for a PPU specific car, I leave when staff are able to operate timely within Hargeisa as well as countrywide whenever the president has activities.
Somaliland citizens at the handover eventAt the same time the new presidential legal advisor commended PPU personnel led by executive secretary Nassir Dahir for making his tenure a smooth one adding that their level of skills have also been enhanced courtesy of an ASI communications training.
Of his juniors, Shamah said that in all his working life the teamwork of the youthful staffers who called him by the title SIR shall remain an experience to cherish.
Eng Hussein Deyr who at was In the outgoing chair at a replica function seven months ago, signed papers indicating that his predecessor handed over a complete data of activities, one 4×4 land cruiser, and 13 staff members
In his acceptance speech the new presidential spokesperson and head of the Somaliland PPU started by thanking event’s participant and president Silanyo for the appointment which he termed an honour.
Detailing his shift from minister of Trade and Investment to that of PPU head, Eng Deyr who revealed that it was effected upon consultation with the head of state, adding that “being a patriotic citizen and staunch supporter of president Silanyo and his policies, it is the service and not title which is important”
PPU executive very secretary Nasir Dahir commended for fostering staff teamIt was president Silanyo who initially appointed me to the office of spokesperson followed by a stint as his trade and investment minister and now back to the presidency again” said Eng Deyr as he stressed on his confidence in knowledge that the appointments are as a measure of the president’s regard for his service.
While pledging Unwavering loyalty to president Silanyo and commitment to diligence Eng Huusein Deyr said the office of presidential spokesperson which plays an important role in enlightening the public requires to be straightened structurally as well as as equipment wise and staff skills.
Revealing his upgrading plans the Somaliland president Spokesperson said the ultimate goal and end result is to have a PPU that is endowed with capabilities to
1. Effectively communicate the leadership vision of president Silanyo and his administration policies and implementation.
2. Aptly articulate success garnered by the administration as well as Defend any timeframe constraints anomalies if any, to the public in clear and understandable format
3. Succinctly articulate governance and government through public awareness raising releases that are backed by factual data.
4. Research, collate and publish data that goes through wards establishing a presidential library. Among many others
Eng Hussein Deyr back on familiar territory at the Somaliland presidency
“Once we have attained this capabilities, not only shall the PPU be able became a bridge between the executive, media and public but create confidence among the citizenry as well, concluded the incoming Somaliland presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Hussein Deyr”