Somaliland: Emiratis Military Base in Berbera agreement Signed


As reports indicate the deal is a joint UAE-Egyptian-USA affair in which regular partner Saudi Arabia is kept off limits
The UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan spearheaded the deal

Translated from original Arabic language by Abdisalam M Ismail
Somalilandsun- Signed the UAE agreement with the government of Somaliland to create a UAE military base with access to the airport in the coastal city of Berbera overlooking the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb north Somaliland
For his part, the UAE Crown Prince Sheikh «Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,» said the agreement will enhance security in the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb, according to the site «Jaobolitkal Futures».
Site explained that the United States and Egypt were a party to the negotiations, pointing out that the UAE will take over management of security in the strait.
This agreement is a step supplemental memorandum of understanding between the two parties took place earlier, and ratified by the «Somaliland» Parliament recently amid sharp differences erupted during authenticated.
The face of this Agreement stiff opposition from residents of Berbera city who organized the earlier mass demonstrations against the establishment of a UAE military base in the city.
And it would like the United Arab Emirates to expand its military presence in Africa, as has occurred previously on a military base for the purposes of Ir known in the port of Assab city of the State of Eritrea.
Site «new Gulf» It was reported in September / September last, that he has reviewed the reports, stating that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh «Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan», wish to participate along with the American and Egyptian allied naval forces in securing the coast of Yemen until the Strait Bab al-Mandab, according to a report published by the site «Tactical report».
He revealed «Bin Zayed» during a meeting with high-ranking military Emirati leaders for targeted promotion of the UAE Navy’s role in the protection of the strait, now and in the coming years, within the UAE’s strategic plan to expand its military deployment in the Strait of Hormuz and the coast of Yemen and the Bab al-Mandab and even the coast of the Horn of Africa.
Close to the General Command of the UAE Armed Forces sources reported that «bin Zayed» in constant contact with the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) to expand the role of the UAE Navy to Bab al-Mandab.
In this context, the conversations revolve within the vicinity of «Bin Zayed circles» that seeks to hold a trilateral meeting between the leaders of the UAE Navy US Navy and Marine commanders Egyptian leaders to discuss ways of cooperation in the region.
Sources close to the situation confirmed that the lack of Saudi Arabia’s presence in such a meeting is puzzling, according to the site.
It does not seem Crown Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince «Mohammed bin Salman», enthusiastic for this UAE communicate with the American and Egyptian sides on Bab al-Mandab, where it seems that he would prefer that the issue be discussed bilaterally between him and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi before talking with the Americans and the Egyptians.
According to the same sources, «bin Zayed» hopes to change all known Emirati naval support to Saudi Arabia’s naval operation in the context of a storm of military packages in Yemen.
Also it wants to establish a new base shows that the presence of the UAE Navy, there is part of the UAE’s strategy seeks to play a direct role in line with the US Navy and Marine Egyptian in the region.
According to sources, the «Bin Zayed» plans must collide with the strategic role of the Saudis there and probably do not welcome them.
Gulf source familiar As reported by the site «new Gulf» at the time, that the UAE has access to long-term leases for ports in the Republic of northern Somalia (unrecognized), and now runs the Islamic Waqf there are part of a plan to strengthen its presence and the division of Somalia.
The observers noted that the gains of the UAE this is not limited to strategic Maxbha control of one of the most important Red Sea ports in the Horn of Africa, or the economic return from behind it, but the fact that «Somaliland» holds up a promising oil fight him many parties international and domestic, indicating that the management of the port of Berbera and the quest for control of the rest of the ports makes it the most likely to benefit from the oil, all on the expense of the unity of Somalia, where the united Arab Emirates will not get all these privileges with a unified Somalia.
He said a Gulf source familiar with the site «new Gulf», earlier, that the UAE got in addition to the management of ports on the right of the Islamic Waqf administration in «Somaliland» It is another step to strengthen its presence and increase its influence in the region, this time of cultural and religious door.
On the other hand, the Government of Somalia, rejected an agreement between the UAE and the Republic of Somaliland, declared unilaterally, on the establishment of a military base in the city of Berbera on the Gulf of Aden coast.
He said the Auditor General of the Federal Government in Mogadishu «Nur Farah» that his government would make a formal complaint against the United Arab Emirates, accusing them as «violation of international law», as «BBC» (BBC).
The «Republic of Somaliland» announced its separation from the rest of Somalia in 1991, but the international community does not recognize as an independent state.
With the outbreak of war in Yemen, in the fall of 2014, some of the rich Gulf states have sought, first and foremost Saudi Arabia, UAE, for the first time in its history, to build military bases outside its territory, in the Horn of Africa, particularly in Eritrea, Djibouti and Somaliland states, near the Yemeni coast , and the Gulf of Aden, which is the entrance to the strategic Bab al-Mandab host.
Source The New Gulf