Somaliland: Elders Reconcile Kalshale Residents


Kalshale Reconciliation team of elders at the press conference in Burao Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Calm has returned to Kalshale following the successful intervention by traditional and government leaders.

According to a press statement released by elders mandated with reconciling area residents that came after disputes led to the death of one person and injury to another the warring clans have agreed to return life to normal.

Speaking at their press conference held at the Plaza hotel in Burao town Sultan Mahmud Haji Hussein Nuur informed that the elders’ mediation efforts have borne fruits and the conflict has come to an end.

Said he, “Following our endeavours to reconcile residents of Kalshale whose desire for continued peaceful co-existence was their driving force our mission has ended successfully” adding that the entire country needs continuous awareness raising pertaining to peace.

While reporting that the Kalshale residents under mediation by traditional leaders composed had reached a peace agreement and process towards it Elder Ahmed Abdi Falay on behalf of the peace mission itemized them as

1. Hostilities to cease thence immediate return to peaceful co-existence

2. 42 community leaders sworn to peace (21 from each of the two Kalshale clans)

3. Peace to be maintained until next meeting (under planning)

4. Next meeting to be held at Oodanle village in Kalshale

5. Peaceful co-existence awareness raising campaign Imperative and urgent

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