Somaliland: Degmo, Somalis Cultural Boot Camp in the Welsh Countryside


A modern-day degmo in Somaliland.

By: Mark Hay

Somalilandsun – From the hills near Hangingheld Farm – an organic, 110-acre smallholding on the edges of the medieval Welsh hunting grounds known as Radnor Forest – you can just spy Offa’s Dyke, the great historic dividing line between Wales and England.

Somewhere on the hills, you can probably spot some of farmer Hamish Wilson’s pacific Lleyn sheep or ginger Highland cows. And if you happen to be up around Hangingheld between April and October, you’re likely to see a massive aqal – a Somali nomad’s tent – pitched around the property. Nearby, groups of British Somalis, both old and young, fry up squishy, fermented laxoox flatbread, play games of shax and try their hand at milking cows and cleaning the milk pots with the culay technique – a Somali method of scouring that uses heated firebrands.

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