Somaliland: Elders Appeal for Drought relief


By: Yusuf M Hasan

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Traditional leaders from Awdal and Salal regions have appealed for drought relief aid.

The appeal was made during a meeting held in Borame town by traditional leaders, intellectuals and government leaders from the two regions where they had converged in order to strategize on ways to help residents of Lughaya and Gargaara districts recover from a devastating 3 years drought.

According to Sultan Ibrahim Jama Samar the affected residents are not only suffering from the effects of the prolonged drought but are encountering various health problems.

Said he, “We ask the health ministry to immediately dispatch a team to the two areas thus end the diseases like diarrhea afflicting residents who are already weakened by the drought”

The sultan asked that a technical committee to explore and implement mechanisms to alleviate suffering in the residents be appointed with the mandate to knock on each and every door both in the country and abroad.

According to Sheikh Abdilahi Sh. Ali Jawhar, it is important first for area residents to repent and ask blessings from Allah thus heavenly support for ongoing difficulties.

At the end of the meeting the elders agreed on

• Urgent need for the government to dispatch a medical team to the affected areas

• An urgent inspection team from the central government to be dispatched to Borame

• Establishment of a technical committee to solicit drought relief support for the two districts.

• Affluent persons especially business owners and diaspora from the region and the country at large be approached for material and financial aid

• Prayers and offerings to Allah

While the two areas are hardest hit other areas of the country have been encountering similar drought though not to the magnitude and length as in Lughaya and Gargaara districts in Salal region.