Somaliland: Dahabshil at high profile international meeting


By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA- A Somaliland company got the rare opportunity of participating in a high profile international meeting whose platform brought together the main players in financial, economic and commercial fields held last week in Arusha, Tanzania.

The annual African Development Bank meeting is one that brings about every year top economists, bankers and multinational companies together with government executives to ponder about the policies, ways and means of addressing the continental economic woes.

The Dahabshil group of companies which was invited to share its experience in the forum had its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Abdirashid M.S. Duale address the assembling dignitaries who included scores of trade, commerce, economy, industry, planning and finance ministers drawn from various African countries.

Incidentally Mr. Abdirashid said that Dahabshil was the only Somali owned company that was invited to the meeting. He explained that his company got the opportunity due to the fact that their money transfer services had made a great impact in the region given the large volumes of amounts of cash they repatriated, the speed and swiftness in which it was done, and most importantly, the trust they held in esteem and enjoyed by their customers. Coupled with this, he elaborates, is that the company operated in vast numbers of countries all over the world.

The group indeed has operational offices, whether fully owned or through representative agents, almost in every country on earth hence have created tangible job opportunities.

Given the backdrop of the global recession which has severely affected world economy, the meeting discussed on how income generation and economic developments can be achieved by formulating better policies to sustain conducive atmospheres for investments.