Somaliland: Eid ul-Fitr Presidential address to be heard on Radio Worldwide


men at workBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – During Eid ul-Fitr holiday 2012 Somalilanders in all spheres of the globe will for the first time listen live to a presidential speech delivered in Hargeisa.

This was divulged by the Director General at The Ministry of information Mr. Abdirashid Jibril Yusuf during a works inspection tour of the new transmitter currently under installation at the ministry headquarters in Hargeisa.

According to the DG completion of installation of the 100kw transmitter by a group of Chinese and Somaliland engineers will coincide with the holy Islamic day that culminates the mandatory 30 days fasting by all able bodied Muslims.

The fall back in the earlier announced due date of august 10th 2012, has been occasioned by intense equipment checking undertaken the joint team of engineers in order to ensure that all components of the transmitter were in place as per contract with the supplier.

This is according to the information ministry’s director of Technical services Eng. Ahmed Suleiman who also informed that the frequencies for radio Hargeisa will remain the same after installation of the new transmitter. Current frequencies are 641 Mband and 41Kh.

The British trained engineer said that though the signal will be received worldwide, it will be initially weak in the Far East, some parts of Europe and North America, where the signal will gradually gain strength as necessary adjustments are effected.

According to the engineer who is an acclaimed Ham Radio operator, during the initial faint signal expat ham operators in those areas will be able to receive quality signals through DV.

The new Short wave 100kw transmitter that is manufactured by the BBEF Company of Guangdong China is anxiously by Somalilanders who are not availed broadcasts from the national station, as the current transmitter has a capacity to transmit within a radius of 40 km sq.