Somaliland: Education Minister Interdicts his Director General


Education DG Abib Ahmed Ali inset fired by minister Abdilahi Habane

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Yet to be explained reasons have resulted in the removal from office of the director general at the ministry of Education and Higher Studies.
According to sources within the ministry the Director General in charge of education Abib Ahmed Ali has been interdicted by his boss, the minister Abdilahi Inrahim Habane.
While we are not sure whether the DG has only been interdicted or suspended from duties the hiring and firing of Director general who operate as ministerial chief operating officers is the preserve of the president of Somaliland.
Sources indicated that the minister’s action is culmination of conflicts with DG that have been ongoing in the recent past, almost to the paralyzation of educational services in the country.
At the giant ministry with two Director General’s, in charge of education and Higher studies respectively, a recent meeting facilitated by an international organizations deliberating education sector development held in Hargeisa was the final straw.
With participation from educators representing Pumtland and South Central Somalia, DG Abib is reported to have objected vehemently, subsequently withdrawing himself and Somaliland team from the workshop.
Educations Somalilanders remains a major hassle for the governments Suffice is to say that ,For the education the minister to Interdicts one of his two CEOs who are presidential appointees matters must have gone far or pressure has been exerted.
Having held similar positions in the ministries of Commerce, Justice and Industry before moving to education, Abib Ahmed Ali is an experienced public administrator and his differences with the minister must be worthy scrutinizing deeper.