Somaliland: “We are in Talks with Somaliland Authorities” Reveals Prof Galayd


AS the Khatumo secession movement leader states that he initiated peaceful reconciliation talks as the government in Hargeisa acknowledges the meet

both Somaliland deputy security minister Mohamed Muse Direye and Khatumo leader Prof Galayd inset acknowledge meeting

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- We believe that armed confrontation is not the only option for solving political differences anywhere.
This was stated by leader of Khatumo secession movement Prof Ali Khalif during a press briefing in Sool region where he acknowledge initiating first tentative meeting with Somaliland government authorities whose objective is geared towards establishing guidelines for fully fledge unconditional reconciliation talks.
Accordingly a senior team of Khatumo officials has met with Somaliland officials for one day talks in Ainabo town” said Ali Khalif Galayd adding that the team was not officially constituted but sanctioned by the movement’s leadership
The Khatumo team in Ainabo is led by the movement’s designate Internal security minister Kaiser Abdi Yusuf includes Foreign minister Yasin Ahmed Sulub, Former SSC NO Habit As Ali, Diaspora Rep Mahdi Hubnin and Chief Ahmed Hasan Hajo Omar
Kaiser Abdi Yusuf c is leading the Khatumo team to the talks with the Somaliland administration he once served as minister Prof Galayd whose movement aspires to a Khatumo state of Somalia presumably to be curved from East Sanaag and entire Sool regions of Somaliland was reacting to sentiments in opposition to the talks expressed by speaker of his parliament in Buhoodle
In Hargeisa the administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo acknowledged hosting the Khatumo delegation to a meeting in the eastern town of Ainabo where discussions concluded successfully as pertains to solving the standing differences peacefully.
Acknowledging the start of direct talks with the Khatumoist, Somaliland deputy interior minister in-charge of Security Mohamed Muse Direye who spoke briefly to reporters in Hargeisa said “A joint administration and ruling Kulmiye party is in Ainabo where they are holding reconciliation talks with Khatumo officials”
Revealing that the tentative initial talks were concluded with mutual understanding as per imperatives of solving political differences peacefully, the deputy security minister informed that having agreed on guidelines “The actual phase of unconditional reconciliation talks between the government and Khatumo shall begin soon”
While this is a long awaited move by the Secessionists who have persistently refused to accept numerous requests for peaceful reconciliation from the Somaliland authorities it is not clear whether the Khatumo leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd has 100% support from his perpetual rebel clansmen.
Khatumo leader Prof Galayd says its time to give peach a chanceBut for the time being things seems to be going the Somaliland government’s way as it is determined to not only register voters but actual hold elections in areas of its eastern parts under Khatumo control.