Somaliland: Drought Prevails says Guurti Elder, Urges Expedited Response


Somalilandsun – The government should not rest on its laurels as pertains availing affected citizens drought relief.
Stating that the drought is still prevalent in some parts of the country Member of Guurti, the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament Elder Musa Ibrahim aw Nuur said that all stakeholders should and must continue providing relief.
The urgings were made during a briefing to Geeska Afrika in which the elder upon commenting all those who donated during the severe phase of drought in country.
“Yes much was achieved during the broad response by various stakeholders but the drought still prevails in some parts of Somaliland” said Elder Musa Ibrahim
Somaliland which is slowly coming out of its most severest drought in over six decades is still reeling from the effects that saw hundreds of thousands of livestock die, a couple of human lives lost not to mention massive internal displacement.
By: Rambow M.H