Somaliland: DP World Berbera Port Contract Violates our Sovereignty, Somalia tells the U.N.


Somalilandsun- The Somalia Federal governement has submitted an official complaint to the United Nations as pertains the DP World Contract to manage Berbera port in Somaliland

Read below the letter submitted by Somalia to the U.N

Somalia submits the U.N. complain against DP World Berbera Port Contract 1


Somalia submits the U.N. complain against DP World Berbera Port Contract 2
Somalia submits the U.N. complain against DP World Berbera Port Contract 3


  1. Somalia has no shame at all.Since 1991 , Somaliland has never been part of Somalia. The independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somaliland are sacrosanct and non negotiable. Farmajo and company have no right whatsoever to lay claim to a sovereign country unless they want open another war front which will hasten their total downfall.He who lives by the sword perishes by the sword.

  2. No country has recognized somaliland as an independent and sovereign nation. So called somaliland is within Somalia.
    Look at the picture of how the world views you; Not how you view yourself. You may see mike tyson, the world sees butter bean.

  3. Obsiye
    This is nothing but anti-Somaliland garbage. The so called government in Mogadishu, that can not even control the only city they live, claiming Somaliland, a country that has nothing to do with Somalia for over the last 27 years is nothing but fantasy and most of them do know well it is just that. Never again will Somaliland and its people be part of Somalia. It tried ones and it failed miserably. Somalia people please smell the coffee and come to your sense and forget calling Somaliland part of Somalia, it will never again happens period!

    May Allah, bless Somaliland and its people Amin!

  4. “We the people of Somaliland “ are determined to protect our territorial integrity and our National sovereignty. In this BLESSING LAND that ALLAH BLESSED. Jamhuuriyadan barakaysan ee Illahay barakeeyay.
    Let’s have the dreamers finish their dreams.
    We are moving forward together with the Eastern African communities.

  5. What unity is the Ambasador talking about? Somaliland withdrew from the union with Somalia in 1991. Let’s remind the Ambasador that Berbera is NOT in Somalia, it is in Somaliland.
    The so called Federal Governemt of Somalia in Muqdisho should face the reality on the ground and talk to Somaliland about their future relationship before another country recognizes Somaliland as an independent country.