Somaliland: Dozens of youngsters under detention as part of police operation to fight hooliganism


By: Mahmoud H. Qodah
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – 53 boys were sentenced and more than 40 others are under detention and are expected to be given at least one year prison as part of fighting hooliganism, youth gangs and preserving security.

The prison term was announced by Minister of Interior at the beginning of the campaign to fight hooliganism and youth gang groups, which have endangered security and increased crimes in Hargeisa.
Major Abdillahi Hassan Farah, Police Spokesman speaking at the end of a meeting between police officials, members from various Hargeisa district security committees, Hargeisa Municipality officials and parents said, “Parents have been warned to stop their children from being hooligans and youth gang groups. The country has a government and a security apparatus to enhance security, fight hooligans and gang groups and bring them to justice.”
Major Farah added that the police operation is going on and that some youth were arrested while they were in the meeting; and that those who are sentenced have already been sent to different prisons in the country.
Hargeisa Deputy Mayor Mr. Abdilaziz Ahmed Hashi said, “Our meeting is to strengthen cooperation between the city’s security apparatus and the civil society. We will increase security in the capital and will fight hooliganism to make our city safer.”
In recent months fighting between youth groups, snatching of mobiles and laptops at night have been on the rise in the city’s dark streets at night.
Mr. Ali Ahmed Yonis an SNM veteran and a former police officer criticized an agreement reached between traditional leaders and police in Hargeisa- which is part of the campaign to fight hooliganism said, ” You have agreed that no blood money should be paid for youth shot by police during demonstrations or disturbances. I believe that will create a division in the society, on clan basis. There will be vengeance. “
He added, “Our police lack proper training, the right selection of its cadres and discipline. It doesn’t have the proper leadership. The culture of using live bullets should be stopped. Youth should also be given awareness and recreation facilities which they don’t have.”
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah