Somaliland: Don’t Sway Populace from Worthwhile Focused Causes



Somalilandsun – The general support that the state received overwhelmingly from its populace in connection to the road construction efforts speaks volumes.

Foremost is the fact that when it comes to real issues the people tend to be Somalilanders first and everything else is set aside.

Secondly it underscores the extent people are hungry for development and would give anything for the cause of anything worthwhile.

Thirdly, what comes to shore is that given the slightest nudge of mobilization by able leadership, people are erstwhile in rallying around any good cause.

Of course they are ever ready to give ears to voices of distraction when their paths are threatened with obstructions.

It is no wonder that a major player in the mobilization for road construction efforts going on, Hon. Hersi could not hide his emotions as to how he has been overwhelmed by the ready, enthusiastic and hopeful patriotic populace who were giving it all to have long awaited roads get constructed.

It is in this some spirit that Hon. Ukuse landed the Hon. Hersi mobilization time when he saw the enthusiastic members of the public.

More so, Hon. Abgaal did well to caution distracters to desist from swaying people away from their focused causes.

It is clear that people know where they can be cushioned from undue jerks.

It is in the backdrop of all the above that we herein call for all Somalilanders to follow their cue for the sake of seeing to it that our aspirations, goals, objectives and aims are achieved.

We of course want good infrastructure, social and associated health, educational environmental aid applicable services for the advancement, betterment and progress of our nation.

The old, young and sundry ought to know be3tter of where we have to stand.

The opposition members at any dissenting voices should likewise toe their lines as per expectation and veer of conflicts that would bear them no fruits.

A constructive, articulate and comprehensively justifiable critic is their only way out for the good of the nation. Thus, by inadvently aiding upright governance, and marketing themselves as a formidable government in waiting.

Without calling names or demeaning statures of some perceived eminent amongst the opposition quarters, if should be known that the administration of the day, the oppositionists, the fourth estates and any worthwhile people-oriented institutions are supposed to be in place serving the people.

The people should come first and others should follow.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media group