Somaliland: Child Kidnappers Nabbed at Egal airport



By: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun – The immigration department has apprehended a group of six people for suspected kidnap of a six month old toddler.

The officers freed the baby boy on Wednesday the 16th October at Egal International Airport before he was about to be smuggled to Mogadishu.

According the head of the department, who incidentally happened to be the officer who stumbled on the fiasco, the child was abducted from one of the Gulf Countries, given the preliminary investigation.

The officer, Major Abdi Suleiman Adan’s suspicion focused on a woman who was heavily clad in the Islamic female attire, Hijab, clasping the little boy.

On being asked the travelling documents of the toddler, the woman quickly disclaimed being either the child’s mother or relative.

She instead claimed that she was given the child by a man who had just boarded the Mogadishu bound plane.

Major Abdi swiftly went after the man identified by the woman, who in turn denied either being the sire or of any knowledge of the child.

It is then that a woman standing next to the suspected child kidnaper and smuggler acknowledged the baby while claiming that it was her/their daughter’s child.

All the three, plus three others who were in the car that they used earlierthat was parked in the vicinity, were arrested.

Five but one of the suspected child kidnappers and smugglers are reportedly from Somalia.

Meanwhile the principal immigration officer Col. Mohammed Ali Yusuf praised his departmental head and immigration officers for their diligence and asked them to step up their efforts to even better heights.

The cable circuit screens from the security cameras showed how the Hijab-clad woman and the two arrested on the plane were moving around together, with the same woman carrying the child all through.