Somaliland: Do Not Allow Our Enemies to Benefit from Internal Political Differences” Hasan Isse


By: Yusuf M HasanHasan Isse: Stops planned Haqsoor party demonstration in london

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Haqsoor members in the UK have been asked to accord welcome to visiting president Silanyo.

The leader of Haqsoor party Mr Hasan Isse Jama has urged party members and Somalilanders at-large not to allow enemies of the country to utilize internal political differences for their benefit.

In a press statement the former SNM freedom fighter and first vice president of Somaliland asked supporters of his Haqsoor party in the UK to stop their plans for anti-Silanyo demonstrations in London.

H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is currently in London where he is holding talks with UK government officials.

Somalilanders Await the president at Heathrow Airport“Plans by Somalilanders to hold election vote rigging protest Demonstrations during the president’s visit is wrong, thus urged immediate cessation.

The Haqsoor party chief’s statement read:

Quote- Information reaching us from London indicates that Somalilanders who are angered by massive vote rigging during local council elections held on 28th November 2012 are planning protest demonstrations during president Silanyo’s visit in England.

We view this as inappropriate as it will only benefit enemies of Somaliland. We at Haqsoor shall not allow our internal political differences to be used against the republic of Somaliland.

I wish to reminder you that the leadership of Haqsoor political party are the foundation of Somaliland and its democratization with its members having lost lives and property in the process.

Therefore, Haqsoor party is firmly committed to the republic of Somaliland despite its political differences that emanate from massive vote rigging by the administration, thus on-going efforts by our party to rectify the ills committed during the elections.

This rectification is being pursued in a just manner that we believe is the only way to keep our nation united and secure.

Existing Oppression which is the biggest crime against humanity, consumes like a wild fire and if not put out it shall negate the successes of the SNM struggle where citizens were maimed for life, lost lives and property.

If the current oppressors do not accept their mistakes and rectify the ills against citizens then the republic of Somaliland is at a difficult position internally.

To these effect Haqsoor which is pursuing justice for crimes against Somalilanders urges caution and unity as it is determined to ensure the onenessFrom left President Silanyo, Dr Omar and Dr Shire on arrival in London of the nation thus deter enemies utilizing internal political differences to do injury to our country.

As we are aware it is impossible to control a demonstration held in a public, thus one person with ill intent holding the flag of Somaliland can do a lot of damage to the image of our nation.

This is a gamble we are not ready to take. Unquote

The call by the Haqsoor party chief seems to have been accepted as no demonstrations took place during the president’s arrival in England where thousands of British Somalilanders gave him a welcome worthy of a president