Somaliland: Djiboutian NGO Donates Ambulances


The two ambulances donated by SOS Rural to the Somaliland ministry of Health

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
LOWYADO (Somalilandsun) – The minister of Health Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed ‘Haglatosie is in possession of two new ambulances.
The ambulances donated by SOS Rural a Djiboutian based NGO were handed over at ceremony in Loywado the Somaliland Djibouti border town.
According to Ibrahim Koryare of SOS Rural the motive behind the donation was to assist the Somaliland ministry of health provide apt medical services in the area.
Upon receiving the keys to the two ambulances the minister of health Dr Haglatosie thanked the SOS Rural NGO for their gesture that shall go along not only in improving relations between the two neighbouring countries but in ensuring local residents are availed sufficient medical services.
Present at the function were the Selel governor and his deputy, the Sayla mayor and other dignitaries.

Somaliland health minister Dr Suleiman Haglatosie with keys to the donated ambulances in Lowyado town
The two ambulances shall be attached to the Ugas Hasan General Hospital in Gerisa centre and Ugas Mustafa hospital in Harirad both in sayla district of Selel region Somaliland.

Watch the ambulance handover