Somaliland: Djibouti Hosted Khatumo Reconciliation Talks Conclude


Proof Ali Khalif Galayd and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe share a light moment during Somaliland and Khatumo reconciliation talks in Djibouti

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The second phase of reconciliation talks between Somaliland and the Khatumo secessionist movement have come to a close in the Djiboutian capital after two days of successfully negotiations.

Negotiations at the highest level so far saw opposition politician Eng Feisal Ali Warabe led the Somaliland delegation while Prof Ali Khalif Galayd led the Khatumo one.
Though an official statement is yet to be issued by either side sources indicate that the two sides were in unanimous concurrence as per imperatives of continuing discussions until a conclusive agreement bringing the political differences is reached.
The first phase of the Khatumo reconciliation talks was hosted by the Ethiopian government in Addisa Ababa where an eleven points agreement forming the basis of negotiations was reached.
While it is yet to be ascertained on why the talks venue shifted from Ethiopia to Djibouti this change brought a very interesting outcome in which Prof Galayd transited through the Somaliland capital Hargeisa, a city the secessionist movement leader has not visited in decades.
Since the 2012 creation of the Secession movement that aspires to a Khatumo state of Somalia presumably to be curved off parts of Sool and Eastern Sanaag regions residents within these areas have suffered varies difficulties as a result of skirmishes between the army and militia loyal to the movement.