Somaliland: Call for Peaceful Protest Against Berbera Sell-Out and Engagement of Regional Conflict


Somalila airfaf plane used by South African mercenaries to bomb Hargeisa

Somalilandsun-The incumbent Kulmiye regime is engaging Somaliland into overseas regional and religious war . Somaliland is not part of that region and our national security and stability will be at risk.
Secret negotiations are underway with the oil rich sheikhdom of the UAE to provide them a Military base. That base will provide the UAE and its Gulf Allies immediate military capabilities to counter the Iranian and Hezbollah backed Houthi Militia which is considered as a potential threat to the wealthy fat Gulf Kings who are afraid to be overthrown . The Ethiopian/ Christian control of the Nile basin is also another major threat to their Egyptian allies.
According to reliable sources, the South African mercenaries who bombed Hargeisa in 1988 will take over Berbera base to fight against the Houthis. For the record, the Hawker Hunter planes that bombed Hargeisa were provided to Siyad Barre Dictator by UAE Government. They even paid the bills of the mercenaries. South Africa has a chequered history of exporting soldiers of fortune. Over the past three decades these mercenaries have gone into battle in Somaliland, Angola, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.
If President Siilanyo and his cohorts succeed to sell-out Berbera in exchange of several million dollars, we cannot control our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Berbera and its residents will be within the range of the Houthi Scud Missiles. We are inviting internal feud and political conflict . The crimes committed by the Foreign Personnel cannot be convicted and punished in Somaliland .

Drs Hoodo Yusuf I Call for all honorable Somalilander’s to peacefully demonstrate against Somaliland Sell-out. Come out, stand-up and defend your country .

Drs Hoodo Yusuf , London, Uk.