Somaliland: Distorted news can create conflict in the Country


Distorted news can create conflict in Somaliland

By: Mo Al/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – I read yesterday news published by some local Somaliland websitesabout an incident in Dila of Awdal region.

The news carried that a guard of  the presidential candidate of Wadani opposition party had shot dead a man who was a Kulmiye supporter. Later the news came that the man was shot by the local Dila police for reasons that are yet under investigation.

The website that had published this news wanted to cash on the incident and had accused the opposition as the ones responsible for the death of the innocent man.
Reporting like this news item could create conflict during the coming presidential elections. Partial reporting is unethical. Journalists are advised to provide balanced election coverage and should avoid creating tensions and inciting conflict among the people.
There might be no choice but to report the hate news of these websites to the service providers if they continue inciting conflict in Somaliland. Fake news should have no place in Somaliland media.