Somaliland: 12 Women Appointed to Senior Positions at the Ministry of Information


Ministry of Information enhances gender balance in its top managerial positions As Minister Addani appoints 12 women to senior positions

Among the 12 new senior officers at the Somaliland ministry of information

By. Abdillahi Said

Somalilandsun-The Ministry of Information has become the first to act In pursuit of fulfilling pledges by President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo to avail gender balance in various categories within the Somaliland Civil Service. 

This follows the appointment of 12 women to senior managerial positions within the Somaliland ministry of Information, culture and national guidance effected by minister Abdillahi Mohammed Sahardid (Addani) through a ministerial decree.

During the announcement made at his offices in Hargeisa minister Addani who named women to positions of directors and editors at the various state medias i.e. state TV, radio and print agencies said this was necessitated by need to ensure that gender balancing is discernible within state apparatus as per the policies of ruling Kulmiye party and administration of President Silanyo. 

“In the past it has been obvious that senior positions both managerial and within the media has been in the hands of men, but as from today we are going to change this with inclusion of this batch of 12 women appointed” said the minister.