Somaliland: DP World Contract Approval Stamps Democratic Principles


Says Ruling party Kulmiye chief Muse Behi as he congratulates Legisltors for expedited approval of the gigantic deal to develop the port of Berbera

The Somalilamd House of Representatives unanimously approved the DP world contract

By: Mahmoud Qodah
Somalilandsun- “The discourse, debate and the argument among members of Somaliland’s House of Representatives on approving the 442 million dollar joint venture deal on extending and developing Somaliland’s strategic Port of Berbera is showing that Somaliland’s democracy is in practice,”
This has been revealed by the Chairman and Ruling KULMIYE party’s Presidential hopeful candidate as well as the potential successor of the incumbent president Mr. Muse Behi Abdi in a time he was speaking at a community conference in Beer district – which is about 30 km east from Burao.
The recently approved multi-million contract between Somaliland and Dubai-backed DP World will develop a regional trade and logistics hub.
The strong arguments and discussion between opposing MP’s have been exposed by country’s media outlets differently. Finally 69 members out of 73 of the House of Represntatives backed and say ‘Yes’ in an unprecedented approval vote on the agreement between Somaliland and the DP WORLD on the management and the investment of the strategic port.
It was May 2016 when Somaliland Government and the Dubia based government of United Arab Emirates have signed a $442 million joint venture agreement that will invest and expend the strategic hub of Berbera Port.
“All of the MP’s were strongly showing their disagreement on the terms and the provisions of the contract. They were doing this because they all have the good intention and only want what is good for the country and for the people,” KULMIYE Chairman added, “all signs showed that the majority of Somaliland people have tremendously supported that DP World investment agreement on Berbera Port.”
Ruling party Kulmiye leader Muse Behi says the contract is beneficial to SomalilandPresidential candidate of KULMIYE party has eventually congratulated and thanked Members of the House of Representatives and their Chairing Committee members for their unprecedented approval to the DP World agreement.
Intelectuals and Somaliland’s local community are optimistic about the DP world contract as many believe that Dp World deal ‘helpful’ to Somaliland’s bid for independence as well as boosting country’s economic status as 70% of Somaliland community are estimated to be youth in which 70% of those youth are unemployed ones.
By: Mahmoud Qodah