Somaliland: Dila-Borama Road Macadamized


By: Yusuf m HasanMinisters Hirsi, Garad and Ukuse get a feel of the Dila road

DILA (Somalilandsun) – construction works for the 5kms of road linking Dila and Borama towns has been launched.

The works were launched by the presidency Minister Mr Hirsi Haji Ali immediately he cut the tape to an already completed 3kms stretch of the road.

Minister Hirsi Ali accompanied by his Labour & Social Affairs Mr Mahmud Barre Garad and deputy information and culture minister Mr Abdilahi M Dahir Ukuse are on a development inspection tour of Awdal region.

Dila Road Now“The official opening of the now tarmacked Dila-Borama road is another milestone achievement by the administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo” said the presidency minister

Travel between Hargeisa and Borama has been encumbered by the eight kms stretch from Dila to Borama that has been in a state of disrepair thus the pledge by president Silanyo to tarmac the road if elected during the 2010 presidential election campaign which he subsequently won with an overwhelming margin of votes.

While thanking the ministerial delegation and citizens who witnessed the opening of the now macadamized Dila-Borama road the Awdal regional Administrator Governor Abdo Ahmed Ayr said the occasion was of historic significance in view of the benefits residence and other travellers will accrue.

Said he, “The continuous breakages on vehicles, delayed supplies and discomfort of travellers occasioned by the former poor state of this section of the road are a thing of the past”

According to the chairman of the Somaliland Road Authority-SRA Prof Hasan Ali Osman the Dila-Borama roads tarmar works was entirely funded by the central government and implemented by ASARADA Company under supervision of SRA

While praising the diligence of the contractor ASARADA Prof Osman said that the SRA shall once works are completed take over maintenances.Dila road before

Thanking the SRA boss for acknowledging quality works the ASARADA boss Haji Abdiqadir Aden Nuur thanked the state on behalf of area residents for funding the Dila-Borama road construction which last saw any repairs during the Siad Barre era over 27 years ago.

On arrival in Borama town where they were received by various personalities including traditional leaders the Minister Hirsi led delegation visited a number of sites before retiring for the day at the regional state lodge.

According to Awdal based reporter Abdale Ali Yusuf the ministerial team first visited the senior most Awdal Region Traditional leader Ugaas (king) Abdirashid Ugaas Roble Ugaas Doodi at his home where various issues were discussed.

Following revelations by the Borama mayor Councillor Suleiman Hasan Haadi informed that the Sheikh Osman Estate Bridge they visited collapsed as a result of recent heavy rains Minister Hirsi Ali promised to solicit funds from the administration for immediate repairs.