Somaliland: Bride Butchered After Two Months of Matrimony


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Police in Togdeer region are holding an old man said to be the father of a man they want to charge with murder.

The whereabouts of Mr Muhumed Ahmed is unknown after he absconded from his home in Sheikh Bashir estate Burao town where he is reported to have butchered his wife to death following a domestic conflict two months after their marriage.

After the body of the deceased bride who died from several knife cuts, was found attempts by Burao police to arrest the murderer resulted in nought, having they report, escaped either immediately or the morning after the heinous crime that was perpetrated in their matrimonial home.

Having failed to capture the murderer police arrested his aged father as a gimmick to force the murdering fugitive to surrender but almost 48 hours to the crime police hopes are yet to materialize.

While Somaliland has its share of mild gender based violence-GBV cases of brutality are in the increase as exemplified by a similar scenario in Hargeisa town where a man butchered his wife and children before turning the same knife on himself.

The killer husband and father who tried but failed to chop off his testicles is currently nursing severe wounds in police custody where he is expected to face the wrath of law after healing and psychiatric evaluation.

Just the other day the national human rights commission raised a hue and cry over the increasing number of GBV crimes especial as pertains to brutal battery of women and rape of young girls.

Despite the abundance of women based organizations and their numerous umbrella groups non has raised its voice now or in the past about the increase in GBV although it is overt public information that they accrue thousands in US dollars from donors purportedly for what they are not doing Lobbying and Advocacy against GBV.