Somaliland: Dahabshiil Support to Nuradin School Elicits top Marks in National Schools Exams


The proprietor of nuraddin schools and some girls achievers in past Somaliland examinations

Somalilandsun- Highest private Secondary Schools Final Exam Scorer’s Success Linked to Dahabshiil Investment of Noraddin Girls
Republic of Somaliland’s Ministry of Education & Examination & Certification Board announced on Saturday results of Secondary and Intermediate leaving exam.
With the grace of Allah blessing her efforts, Asma Adan Yusuf, of Noraddin Girls Secondary school scored the highest marks of privately-run schools throughout the country.
When we consider closely Asma’s success, one concludes arisen after Allah’s grace, Dahabshil Company, who created opportunity Asma Adan & thousand similar to pursue their education and succeed.
Director of Noraddin schools Mahad Mohamed Ibrahim speaking opening of Dahabshil Bank, three years back affirmed Dahabshil Bank invested fund reaching $700 Thousand Dollar, built 35 classrooms, offices, laboratories, libraries and open ground premises, which currently accommodates 2050 girls (two thousand and fifty) studying at that compound alone in Hargeisa, Somaliland.
We can say Asma Adan and other girls of Noraddin Girls Secondary school’s success has genuine correlation with Dahabshil Company.
Congratulations to her parents, teachers & Noraddin Boys & Girls and all other students who passed the examination.
Dahabshiil Bank CEO, Said Mohamed Ali (Garseef), while speaking at the opening of Dahabshiil International Bank in Hargeisa in Hargeisa on 30 Nov 2014, elaborated services provided by the bank whic included opening accounts, inter-bank transfers, online customer service, LC service and guarantees.
“In the short time preceding this official launching of the Bank, we succeeded we succeeded to invest $68,800,000 which benefited 769 customers.
The Bank also has a unique Micro-Dahab Project for small businesses. Since its launch, the Bank has funded low income businessmen going into their thousands. They have been given a bit of money to raise their businesses which are either start-ups or vendor-type businesses needing a boost.
Besides, the bank made small loans available to university students for purchase of laptops and other necessary support.
Recently, the Bank launched a women-only investment and support service called ‘Dahabo’ which aims to help women find a firm grip up the ladder of success.
Dahabshiil has cemented an unbreakable bond with populations in all areas within which it operates whether it be in Somali-inhabited areas or in other countries of East Africa through its meticulously planned, genuinely proffered contributions to grass roots development. Dahabshiil sets much of its social responsibility programs to women and youth, making sure that almost 90% of its interventions benefit them directly or indirectly.
By M Walaaleye