Somaliland: Court Summons Saudi Livestock Tycoon


Al-Jabiri livestock quarantine at BerberaBy: MAhmoud Walaleye

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A Hargeisa court has issued summons for Suleiman Al-Jabir.

According to the summons published by local media, Mr. Suleiman Al-Jabir has 53 days from 11 September to appear at the court in relation to a civil suit pending against him.

The summons signed by Hargeisa magistrate Dr Yahiya Ali Idiris read

The Hargeisa magistrates summons the appearance of Businessman Suleiman Bin Saeed Bin Abdoo Al-Jabir at the court premises within 53 days from the date of posting (11/09/2012) in order to answer civil charges preferred against him.

To this effect, the accused is ordered to appear at the court before expiry of the set deadline and in default, legal action shall be preferred against him in conformity with Articles 100, 101, 107 & 121 of the penal code.

Though the court did not divulge the case against the Saudi born livestock export tycoon reliable sources indicate that the summons are in connection to a civil case in which a former employee has accused him of refusal to pay service fees agreed upon contractually.

The Saudi tycoon who runs the Berbera livestock quarantine is hugely credited with the resumption of livestock exports to the Arabian Gulf after a decade long hiatus.