Somaliland: Court Martial Commutes Soldier’s Death Sentence


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A soldier sentence to death has won a reprieve following a successful appeal.

The armed forces court martial sitting at the army headquarters in Hargeisa commuted the death sentence imposed on Private Ahmed Hurre Farah to ten years imprisonment coupled with a dishonorable discharge from service.

The former soldier who was initially sentenced to the gallows for the murder of late Mohamed Farah Burle shall not return to death row but join ordinary inmates following a ruling of the court read by its chair Hasan Aden Sugulle.

According to Justice Sugulle the stay of execution on ex Private Farah is pursuant to section 16-19 of the armed forces disciplinary law and section 484-491 of the penal code.

Another appellant Ismail Jama Ismail also escaped the gallows and thus shall serve 10 years imprisonment following a successful appeal.

The armed forces court martial is greatly credited with the high levels of discipline within the country’s security forces due to the heavy sentences imposed on any miscreants within the ranks of army, police and Prisons service.