Somaliland: Amud University Graduates 12th Batch


By: Yusuf M HasanGirls shared equally graduation honours  awarded by President Silanyo

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – The president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo was the guest of honour of the 12th Graduation ceremony at the Amud University in Borame.

The head of state who conferred various degrees on the 516 graduands at bachelor and masters levels commended the institution for its Excellency in the provision of higher education while urging the graduands to utilize their newly acquired knowledge in nation building

“While applau12th Batch of amud university Graduatesding the management of Amud University for continued Excellence in Education provision I also congratulate the graduating students for their dedication to studies which I am sure will be used in nation building” Said the president

The head of state became bemused upon completion of conferring degrees when a prominent Awdal region religious leader Sheikh Abdilahi Sh. Ali Jawhar conferred an honorary degree with a picture of the Kiblah embedded on it.

The chancellor of Amud University Prof Suleiman Ahmed Guleid who thanked president Silanyo for having accepted invitation and actually participate also briefed on the various states of success and constraints of the institution since it was establisSheikh Jawhar confers honours on president Silanyohed in 1998.

Said he, “Despite being the oldest institution of higher learning in Somaliland having been established a few years after the country reclaimed its independence Amud is also a leader in various disciplines like Agriculture, Environment, Law, and public administration among others”

Other speakers at the function attended by various categories of officials and parents included Education minister Ms Zamzam Abdi and foreign minister Mohamed Behi Yonis.

Following conclusion of the graduation at Amud University the head of state opened the refurbished Borame state lodge where he incidentally becomes the first guest.

Before arrivals in Borame president Silanyo who took the time off his journey to meet his constituents in Dilla town said the residents and the town in Awdal region have become synonymous with community supported development projects of note being the tarmarcking of the stretch of road to Borame town.

opening state lodge

visitor and parents