Somaliland: Council of 14 to Save the Parliament


By:Moody Bodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun): The two major political factions in dispute in the House of representative over power struggles have assembled 14 member council to take part in a reconciliatory conference whose first seating commenced today.

This step was taken after the GUURTI stepped in and impressed upon the national assembly the imperative need to briefly recess as the political bomb is detonated.

The 14 member council has been picked from both parties and they comprise of 7 member each. The council’s responsibility is to cool down the tension that has made the nation shiver. Secondly they are supposed to settle the issue and make the parties reach an agreement to save this grave matter that has shut the doors of the parliament building. The council has 7 day to finish their task.

On the other hand the members of the council seem not to have been vetted before their endorsement simply because they are in fact the ones who lit the first sparks of the fire. They are :-

Pro-Speaker Faction

• MP Ibrahim Mahdi Bubba

• MP Mohammed Salah Ege

• MP Saleban Ali Koore

• MP Mohammed Ali Hirsi

• MP Ibrahim Jama Ali

• MP A/kadir Jibril Tukale

• MP Said Elmi Roble


• Suleiman Awad Ali (Bukhari)

• Abdirahman Oman Alin

• Abbdirahman mohammed Jama(Loyer)

• Mahamud Obsiye

• Ibrahim Aralle Abdi(Ruush)

• Ahmed Abdi Kijande

• Ali Ahmed Diriye(Ali gabiley)

The council met today for their first session and outside the walls the public waits in silence and consternation