Somaliland: “Am Ready to Pick up Arms in Defence of the Nation” Eng Feisal tells Gaas of Puntland


Eng Feisal A Warabe

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland has been warned against continued insinuations of impinging on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Somaliland.

While issuing the warning the chairman of the political opposition party of UCID Eng Feisal Ali Warabe also reminded Abdiweli Gaas that he was threatening men whose fighting prowess, he ‘Gaas’ knew very well from past experiences.

“Your insinuations of attacking and annexing parts of Somaliland to your Puntland is directed to men who have in the past given you and your lot a proper thrashing”

As he urged caution on the administration of president Gaas the Engineer turned politician informed that, “Upon the slightest incursion into Somaliland territory I shall be the first to wear military garb and lead the first contingent of Somalilanders to Garowe”

Feisal Warabe who was reacting who was reacting to promises by Abdiweli Gaas to fulfill his presidential campaign pledge to annex Darood clans inhabited parts of eastern Somaliland regions of Sool and Sanaag to his Puntland enclave was referring to the defeat the Ragtag SNM rebels inflicted on the Former Dictator Late Siad Barre led Somalia national Army, then boasting second strongest in Africa, during the civil war of the 80’s that ensued with the 1991 reclamation of independence by Somaliland which it had lost in 1960 after entering into a voluntary later turned fateful union.

The Eng WAbdiweli and Faroolearabe warning to Gaas in Garowe is the second within a week from a Somaliland leader following a similar one by Health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed Hagaltosie who had warned Puntland that ““Rather than continued talk make a slight move inside our country and see who drinks tea in Garowe a few hours later”

Abdiweli Gaas who defeated former strongman Abdirahman Farole in the presidential selection by selected legislators seems to have not only inherited the Garowe presidency but anti Somaliland wants from Farole.

Though the Somaliland government is yet to make an official statement towards the warmongering and rhetoric emanating from Puntland which has the covert support of Somalia Federal Government-SFG president Hasan somalilanders from all walks of life have applauded Hagaltosie and Feisal for the much awaited premises’ of severe reprisals.

On the other hand somalilanders have started to Miss Farole who was defeated by Gaas through a single vote during the Garowe presidential selection by the selected members of the Puntland parliament last month.

According to Miss Muhubo Dhibil a Darburuq single mother of two, Farole was a known devil whose anti-Somaliland activities usually ended positive for landers and detrimental to the Puntland designs.