Somaliland: Consultative Meeting Establishes Toghdeer Regional Development Guidelines


UN Advisor Gavin Roy and Governor Hamarje

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Development activities in Toghdeer region must be aligned to the Somaliland National Development Plan- NDP 2011-2015 and the country’s vision 2030.

This agreement was reached during a consultative meeting between Toghdeer regional authorities and international development and humanitarian agencies operating in the region held at the governor’s office in Burao town.

Following successful conclusion of the meeting co-chaired by regional governor Ahmed Omar Abdilahi ‘Hamarje’ and Mr. Gavin Roy an advisor to the UN resident coordinator, a press statement released by regional development coordinator Mr. Eid Ismail Abdi read:

Quote – A broad based meeting involving all Toghdeer regional government departments and 40 international organizations including UN agencies operating in the region took place at the governor’s conference room in Burao, the regional capital.

The meeting whose main objective was to establish coordinated guidelines pertaining to activities geared towards regional development agreed on the following points as the way forward.

1. Hold quarterly (3 months) activities meetings between regional authorities and donor agencies with the objective of review wing accomplished project and plan for next phase.

2. Enhance cooperation and information sharing between donor agencies and the regional administration thence attain projected impact of development programs.

3. Completion of the now in draft Toghdeer Regional Development Plan-RDP with emphasis aligning it to the NDP 2011-2015 and vision 2030.

4. Avail all relevant stakeholders the regional development plan thence ensure that programmatic plans of individual organizations compliment the regional plan-Unquote

Speaking to Somalilandsun Governor Hamarje who commended international organizations and UN agencies operating in Toghdeer region for continued cooperation with the administration said that the consultation meeting was very successfully and that his office shall ensure that agreements reached are not only implemented but sustained.

Toghdeer becomes the first region to embark on the preparation of RDP and alignment of regional development to the NDP 20111-2015 and vision 2030 as well as a coordinated approach with international organizations and other development actors.