Somalia: Only Having Enough Time to Grab What They Could Carry


Humanitarian conditions in IPD camps in Mogadishu are dire and security is lacking

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital is home to several hundred thousand of Internally Displaced Persons-IDPs and as the city begins to rebuild after years of conflict the IDPs are being evicted from their makeshift homes and forced into camps on the city’s periphery.

This observation is an outcome of a Refugees International assesement mission to the Horn of Africa currently being conducted by, Garrett Bradford, and a colleague whose main interest is centred on assess conditions for Somalia’s internally displaced people (IDPs).

“We spoke directly with people who have been evicted from their homes – some of them multiple times. They told us about being threatened with rape and violence if they did not leave. They talked of bulldozers showing up without warning, and only having enough time to grab what they could carry “says Bradford

Trainees drawn from camps for the internally displaced in Banadir and Middle Shabelle region practice personal defence skills during a training programme designed by the African Union Mission in Somalia AMISOM

Refugee International which is working to raise awareness of these abuses being perpetrated aginst IDPs , and demanding that leaders in Somalia and the United Nations take action to stop them is also soliciting Your support thence move its our advocacy forward.

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Meanwhile Thousands of people are being forcibly evicted from makeshift camps in Mogadishu as the government presses ahead with plans to clean up the capital; Amnesty said in a briefing adding weight to the observations made by Refugees International

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Only Having Enough Time To Grab What They Could Carry.

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