Somaliland: Constitutional Court to Hear Case against Separated Elections


As opposition WADANI party Files Lawsuit Against President’s Decision on Separating Presidential & Parliamentary Elections

Wadani party sues president Silanyo

By: Mahmoud Qodah

Somalilandsun –  WADANI opposition party has filed a lawsuit in country’s highest court of justice (Constitutional court), after party claimed that president’s decision onseparating Presidential election from  Parliamentary ballot was against the rules of the country. 

This has been confirmed by the Party’s Secretary General Mohamed Abdilahi Ur-ade. WADANI lawsuit followed after President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo last week, in a presidential decree issued by his spokesman, noted that the forthcoming elections can’t be held concurrently, and decided to split the presidential and parliamentary elections after political parties (KULMIYE, UCID and WADANI) failed to reach an agreement on the seat allocation impasse. 

President justifying his separation call, he pointed out that currently the election of Parliament is not technically feasible, as such the impasse of seat allocation may lead to the failure of both Presidential and Parliamentary elections. He thus suggested Parliamentary election to be delayed, so as to facilitate necessary seats allocation review, as he assured that Presidential election remains as scheduled on the 28th March 2017. Subsequently members of House of Representatives after receiving request from the president, 59 of them have approved it unanimously. 

Secretary General Ur-ade speaking to the media noted, “President’s recent decision on separating the Presidential election from the Parliamentary one was a deliberate violation to the rules and the laws of the country, as such WADANI filed lawsuit against president’s decision, as we deemed his decision as unlawful and a decision which has overlooked our previously reached agreement.”

WADANI also expressed that they have a faith on the current Chief Justice of Supreme and Constitutional court Prof. Aden Hagi Ali and that they will accept any outcome. 

Mahmoud Qodah