Somaliland: A Small but Sovereign Country


Says Kulmiye presidential candidate Muse Behi adding that “We are ready to welcome and listen recommendations and suggestions given by IC, but….
Tread carefully on issues Somaliland Muse Behi urges IC

By: Mahmoud Qodah
Somalilandsun – Muse Behi Abdi, Chairman and Presidential mominee of Ruling Party, KULMIYE who is also a potential successor of the incumbent President Ahmed Silanyo speaking in a ceremony where his party was receiving heavy weight politicians who joined the party after they officially withdrew their alliance from opposition party WADANI, he has reiterated that Somaliland is ready to listen recommendations and suggestions given by the International community, nonetheless taking decisions are up on the democratically elected president and other chambers of the government of Somaliland.

“We (Somaliland) are an independent and free state. Kulmiye and its government have been democratically elected by its people. People have elected us for that our decisions not to be dictated. We have a gratitude and appreciation for the international community and particularly countries which support Somaliland from democratization and we are committed to have a good cooperation with them, as we are ready to welcome and listen their recommendations and suggestions. But for the final decision, it is for us to take what is good for our people.”

Chairman of KULMIYE also noted that Somaliland is a small country with not that much economy, but is a country which is free for making its decisions.

Muse Behi’s remarks followed after the UK On behalf of the [US, UK, EU, UN, Sweden, Denmark] and the Somaliland Elections Donor Working Group in a written statement expressed their concern over the President of Somaliland’s recent decision to delay Somaliland’s Parliamentary March 2017 elections. Though President in his decree assured that Presidential election will be held as scheduled, still they called for him to re-think his decision on splitting the presidential and Parliamentary elections.

President Ahmed Silanyo submitted his presidential proposition to the parliament, and the legislators unanimously approved, and the proposition subsequently went to the Supreme as well as the constitutional court for review.

Mahmoud Qodah