Somaliland: Colonel Tuke the Butchering Siyad Barre Lieutenant Exposed


Col Tuke captured here in Washington is facing charges of Crimes agiainst Humanity by a torture survivor Farhan Warfa imset

Somalilandsun – Chosen as the elite of Officers in the Somalia National army to attend a specialized training in the United States Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali ‘Tuke’ took his newly acquired skills to the North of the Country-now Somaliland, where he not only masterminded but took active part in torture and killing of northerners
The colonel nicknamed Tuke, Somali for Crow, who is accused of human crimes managed to enter Canada where he was accorded refugee status as many of his many fellow Somalis escaping mayhem at home.
In 1992 the Fifth Estate cameras documented Colonel Tuke at his airport security desk where he also denied all charges of having committed the alleged atrocities despite evidence by victims, relatives or eye witnesses.
Exposed by major networks in Canada and the US his story of atrocities reported worldwide Col Tuke was deported to the US where he managed to disappear before the Fifth Estate and CBS caught up with him again ironically in the US working in Security near Washington DC.
Despite evading his past for decades Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali ‘Tuke’ is Awaiting a crucial ruling on whether an American court has jurisdiction over something that happened a long time ago and far away
Elite of Officers in the Somalia National army Col Tuke then a Major attends a specialized training in the United States

The Landmark U.S. Case” is chaperoned by the centre for justice and accountability on behalf of Farhan Warfa a survivor of torture by Col Tuke who also shot him five times
So will the Butcher of Siyad Barre escape justice again, surely this depends on which position the US which appears to favour Tuke , its past military trainee by either letting the law take its tide or ????
Read below condensed Transcription of a Video “Somali War Criminal known as General Tuke Lives in the US and Now in Landmark U.S. Case” by Pendo Mwajuma

Somali War Criminal known as General Tuke Lives in the US and Now in Landmark U.S. Case

Quarter of a century later he is still wanted by many to pay for his alleged crimes. Yusuf Abdi Ali was a commander in the brutal war done by the Somali dictator and his army against their own people supported by the US for it wanted to keep Somalia away from the Soviet Union during the cold war.
In fact Yusuf Abdi Ali was the chosen one from the Somali army to be trained by the US military back when it was training the best and the brightest of its allies.
He took that training with him to the north of Somalia when the regime forces moved there for the civil war. He was assigned to command a region where oppression of people was worse than anywhere else and thousands died. Many attested to all the cruelty that happened under his watch.
Back when Canada became a safe haven for thousands of Somalis when the civil war ended early 90s, many went as refugees but some who did the dictator’s dirty work were accepted too and this included Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali who claimed to be a refugee too trying to escape the past.
Col Tuke Masquedraled as a security guard in Canada in 1992 before protests by Canadian Somalis forced his dfeportation to the US

He worked as a security guard in 1992 and when the word came out about his whereabouts many Somalis protested about his presence in Canada. He agreed to an interview where he denied all allegations hoping everything will disappear but later was deported to the US back to the country that trained him in the first place.
The American media picked up the story and by the mid 1990s colonel Tuke as the nick name goes had been exposed by major networks and his story reported worldwide.
He disappeared again but was later believed that he left the US for awhile then quietly returned and got married to an American and got permanent residency and was forgotten about.
Now Elderly inset Farhan Warfa was tortured during his youth right

But a few months ago photos of him shows he still lives in the US with his family. He is being sued by a man seeking justice who was in his 20s during the war but now a middle aged man who claims to have been tortured under his watch and shot 5 times but survived.
Going back to Mahamed Urdu who was a journalist at the time of war who translated what the eye witnesses said about what the colonel and his people did, say they all looked sincere and telling the truth and he believed them.
Col Tuke's Victims, Survivors and their relatives pour their sorrow

The colonel is now awaiting a crucial ruling on whether an American court is a proper place for something that allegedly happened so long ago far away.
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Col Tuke in hs heydays as a Butcher

Somali War Criminal known as General Tuke Lives in the US and Now in Landmark U.S. Case