Somaliland: Armed Forces to Commemorate 22nd Anniversary in Oog Town


As its commander-in-chief President Silanyo departs the capital Hargeisa for Sarar region to officiate the commemorations

Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo R flanked by Service Commanders salute the flag at army headquarters in Hargeisa /file

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – For the first time since Somaliland reclaimed its independence in 1991 annual commemorations marking the establishment of her Armed Forces shall be held outside the capital Hargeisa.
Heralding the commemorations was the president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo as he departed for the Eastern regions of the country with Burao the Toghdeer regional capital as main presidency base.
The high powered delegation led by President Silanyo that includes the first lady, ministers, Security chiefs and ruling party politicians as well as legislators were involved in development inspection activities in the various areas of Maroodi-jeeh, Sahil and Toghdeer regions passed en-route to Burao
The head of state that is also the armed forces commander in chief shall be the chief guest during the 22nd anniversary to be commemorated in Oog town over 350 kms from the capital Hargeisa.
While the armed forces established on the 3rd of February 1994 has undertaken commemorations marking its anniversary regularly in Hargeisa on an annual basis, the choice of Oog with proximity to major deployments in the east is significant.
This significance is related to a show of military might especially at this particular moment when Somaliland authorities have been at pains warning Somalia to desist funding activities targeted at creating insecurity.

Citiens at every centre along the Hargeisa Berbera Burao highway were at hand to greet the Somaliland president Overview
The Somaliland Armed Forces (Somali: Ciidanka Qaranka) are the main military forces in the Republic of Somaliland, They are composed of two active military branches: the army and the navy. There is no air force.The Somaliland Police Force is also a part of the internal security forces and is subordinate to the military.
Current personnel including civilians in the Somaliland military is estimated at 45,000 with several divisions based within all the regions of the country but combat active only in the eastern regions of Sool and Sanaag while the bulk of the top brass and various divisions are at the military headquarters in the capital, Hargeisa.
Due to Somaliland’s lack of international recognition, thus not allowed to procure weapons central coffers allocates 30% of revenues to the military thence more on its armed forces than any other item
Among tools on display in OogSuccessful development of Somaliland’s security infrastructure which contributes to the national security of Somaliland is beneficiary of support from the UK and its partners, as a precursor to harnessing instability in the Horn of Africa that increases the threat to the UK from violent extremist groups.
This intervention that is availed under Justice, Security & Peacebuilding, Defence Service type has the overall objective of Building capability and accountability within the Somaliland army and coastguard which is a project delivered with the title “Building capability and accountability within the Somaliland army and coastguard”

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