Somaliland: Col Dolaal Absolved of Treason, Two Years Sentence Quashed


Somalilandsun: Over a month to his two years prison sentence Colonel Jama Dolaal is free.
The release of the Somaliland army officer was effected by the military court in Hargeisa.

Confirmation of the release was made to the media by the officer’s daughter, Ubah Dolaal, as she revealed that he was home and resting .
On the 11th April this year the Somaliland military court sentenced Col Dolaal to two years sentence after he was found guilty of treason.

According to the prosecution, the Colonel treachery occurred upon communication with somebody in the Somalia capital Mogadishu.
The gist of the conversation that was backbone of his charges pertained to discussions of a personal nature as well as others related to sharing state secrets.
Somaliland and Somalia are on a thirty years political dispute thus laws consider contact with Mogadishu as treason, more so for members of security forces.

The quashing of the sentence which absolved the military officer of the traitor’s tag comes in the heels of a protest in Burao the capital of Toghdeer region.
Upon the conviction of Col Dolaal and subsequent imprisonment at the Hargeisa maximum security prison a section of Burao residents started to engage in ruckus of type or another .
This dissatisfaction with the sentence imposed on the Colonel who is originally from Toghdeer region culminated in Burao becoming scene of mass protests
The demonstration in which protesters engaged police in running battles was also related to the conviction of a number of people on similar charges to those of Col Jama Dolaal.