Somaliland: Coast Guards Nab Foreigners Fishing Illegally, Arraignment in Process

Among the arrested foreigners caught fishing ilegally

Somalilandsun: Eleven foreigners are cooling their horses in the custody of police pending their arraignment in court on charges of fishing illegal in Somaliland.

The eleven whose country of origin  is yet to be revealed are in custody courtesy of the  coast Guard’s who nabbed them in their illegal fishing activities off the coast of Somaliland.

In Somaliland where fishing activities are regulated by the government through the ministry of Livestock and fisheries Development, foreigner fishers  are strictly forbidden , and if caught in the act courts impose stiff sentences.

The Somaliland coast guard which has the mandate of protecting territorial waters is availed training and equipment by the EUCAP, a European Union civilian mission which assists host countries develop self-sustaining capacity for enhancement of maritime security.

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