Somaliland: Coast Guard Acquires EUCAP Facilitated Technical Maintenance and Equipment skills


Somalilandsun- Fifteen Somaliland Coast Guard Officers are now fully skilled in the proper maintenance of boats.

This was revealed in a statement released by EUCAPSom who facilitated the workshop in Berbera where the Somaliland Coast Guard Officers acquired Technical maintainance and equipment skills.

Read below verbatim excerpts of the EUCAP Somalia press statement titled “Somaliland Coast Guard enhances Technical Maintenance and Equipment skills”

Quote- A Technical Maintenance and Equipment training course aiming at enhancing the maritime skills of Somaliland Coast Guard officers started in Berbera, Somaliland, on October 15th.
The activity, organised by EUCAP, is designed to provide fifteen officers from the Somaliland Coast Guard participating in the activities with skills enabling them to be successful in properly and effectively maintaining boats.

Workshop participants

The participants will enhance their skills in areas such as equipment safety, engines operating, troubleshooting, electrical components, piping systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, water jet propulsion, basic electricity, regular maintenance, just to mention some examples.
The course also involves practical sessions on Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIBS) during which the trainees can practice on how to use equipment and also (among other) how to troubleshoot failures that can occur on a boat.
The trainers, beside EU experts from EUCAP, are facilitators from the Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy and two experts from Sweden.
The training is part of a wider “Maritime Operational Capability Project’’ already underway.
In such framework, on October 14th, boats donated by Sweden to the Somaliland Coast Guard reached Berbera’s Port.
EUCAP has facilitated the successful arrival in Somaliland of three boats.
The overall, future objective aims at enhancing the Somaliland Coast Guard capacity in countering Human-Trafficking and other Coastguard functions all to improve their maritime capabilities-Unquote

Workshop participants


In July 2012, the European Union launched EUCAP Nestor, a civilian maritime capacity building Mission operating in four states across the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean (Djibouti, Seychelles, Somalia and Tanzania).

In 2015, activities in all states except Somalia were phased out and the Mission Headquarters was relocated from Djibouti to Somalia. In December 2016, the Mission was rebranded as EUCAP Somalia and given a new, broadened civilian maritime security mandate: to assist Somalia in strengthening its maritime security capacity in order to enable it to enforce maritime law more effectively.

The Mission has personnel located in Somalia at the Mission Headquarters in Mogadishu and at the Mission Field Offices in Hargeisa (Somaliland) and Garowe (Puntland), while maintaining an administrative Back Office in Nairobi. Read More