Somaliland: City Municipality Denies Alleged Closure of Minister Ukuse’s House


By: Yusuf M HasanMahmud Haibe District where Ukuse resides

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Hargeisa Municipality has denied breaking the door and closing the house of information minister Abdilahi U’kuse for purportedly nonpayment of house tax.

The denial was made by the Mahmud Haibe district officer Mowlid Muhumed “Mowlid Karo’ who termed the allegations by some media houses as witch hunting.

Addressing a press conference in his district offices in Hargeisa Officer Mowlid Karo said, “We called here to inform that the council has not removed doors to the house of information minister Abdilahi U’kuse as some of you reported”

The district officer in whose sector the minister resides also informed that records indicate that the minister has never defaulted on payment of his annual taxes to the municipality.

According to recent media reports (Not Somalilandsun) the minister was reported to have had all his house doors removed a usually act by the municipality for none payment of taxes.

A neighbour of the minister and community leader Mr. Abshir Ahmed Mahmud also informed that no such occurrences have taken place at the house of his neighbour thus requesting the media houses to apologies.

Minister U’kuse who manages information, culture and national guidance in Somaliland where he is also the official government spokesperson is yet to make a statement.