Somalia: SFG in Unfair Distribution of Health Services


Children missing out on health

Somalilandsun — Somalia’s health ministry has been accused of unjustly distributing the essential package of health services to the various provinces as some of them were totally ignored and removed from beneficiary scheme.

The health package was divided into 3 categories consisting of Somaliland (Togdeer, Sanaag and awthal provinces), Putland region (Mudug,Nugaal and Karkaar provinces) and Southern Somalia region (Banadir,Gedo and Galgudud provinces).

Reliable sources confirmed to Shabelle radio that Somaliland and Puntland administrations were independently allowed to administer their projects while the federal government took the sole responsibility to launch the health programme in the southern regions.

However, the health ministry which shares its docket with several other ministries has failed to supervise the health scheme which is being administered by the director of the health ministry Duale Adan Mohamed and special consultant Abdi Awad .

The experimental health programme which is funded by the UK clearly requires every 5000 families to have an access to Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Program (MCH).

The sources also revealed that Abdi Awad and Duale Adan jointly rejected some districts which were recognized to have gained district status by the former President of the transitional federal government of Somalia e.g. Herale.

Questions have also emerged about the recognition of Karkar as a province.

All in all, the two (Awad and Duale) have been accused of allocating funds and medical services to the various districts and rejecting some heavily populated districts. They have also been accused of misappropriating the funds.

The programme which accumulates millions of dollars is yet considered impressive as tangible efforts to improve the health programme has not benefited the massive populations in the three provinces categorized in the southern plan.