Somaliland: City Gossips Frightens The Politicians On Where To Start


By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa (Somaliland sun). It seems that political campaigns had started to diffuse in the country especially in Hargeisa city after a lot of criticize have been reported from various city outcasts (xaafadaha) where they strongly complain that the ruling party KULMIYE has not done for them anything as far as development paradigms are concerned.

This was after the residents of Gacan Libaax in the outcast of Hargeisa city strongly condemned nothing so far has been accomplished for them in terms of infrastructure, schools, lack of water just to mention but a few. At the scene were groups of women from Gacan Libaax quoting “We as the residents of Hargeisa city especially Gacan Libaax Location could not identify the current government but rather hope for another change to rule and clearly alleged that only WADANI party will bring subject of improvement to our area.”
This message will divide the city residents on who will be elected coming general election. This was brought about by how the city dwell for every clan has their own locality in the city.
But will these make difference to the city or even conjugate towards development sector and how will politician starts to impede there focus on votes verdicts coming general election?