Somaliland: Child Eating Cannibal Arrested in Burao


Residents of Burao and Toghdeer region at large worried by presence of Cannibals/google image

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The Mutilated body of a young girl is under examination by pathologists at the Toghdeer Regional Hospital Mortuary.
The deceased girl whose age is yet to be disclosed by Family or police died from an act of cannibalism perpetrated by a blood drinking man at Wadhan village in Burao district of Toghdeer region in Somaliland.
According to the regional police commander Colonel Ahmed Mahmud Guutale the blood sucking man is currently in custody at the Burao central police station where investigations are ongoing before arraignment in court.
“Police can confirm that the body of a mutilated girl is currently at the Regional hospital’s mortuary in Burao while the suspected perpetrator of the crime is also in custody” said Col Guutale.
Briefing the press in regional force command offices Col Guutale revealed that the man now under investigation on suspicion of being a cannibal was from the Oromo tribe from Ethiopia while his presence in the country is related to illegal immigration.
“Being a country governed by laws neither illegal stay in Somaliland status or Oromia lineage of the child killing and cannibalizing perpetrator shall be a fact during his imminent arraignment in court” committed the regional police commander while thanking area residents who made possible the arrest of the cannibal.
Though he committed to ensure that the accused is availed a fair court hearing despite his lineage the police commander was quick to point out that the country is currently engulfed by a large number of foreigners either transiting illegal immigration or in illegal stay for work.
Toghdeer regional police Commander Col Guutale-inset-informs that the suspected cannibal is under police custody in Burao SomalilandStating that law enforcement agencies in the country are in a rejuvenated human traffickers and the trafficked flush-out campaign Col Guutale stressed on fact that the large number of illegal’s from Ethiopia especially Oromo’s transiting to Bosaso for trafficking is worrisome as ascertained by strange acts like the current one of cannibalism.
“This is a strange act unnatural to Somaliland and residents of the entire Toghdeer region are on trepidation” said the police commander as he promised a hawk-eyed approach by his officers.
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Somali language speakers can watch the Toghdeer regional Commander’s briefing uploaded by Royal TV HERE