Somaliland: Elder Abdi Warabe is Fit as Fiddle” Amb Awil


Elder Abdi Warabe and Amb Bashe Awil at Al Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi UAE

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
ABU DHABI (Somalilandsun) – Guurti Elder Haji Abdikarim is expected to return home this coming Wednesday.
This was informed by the Somaliland diplomatic envoy to the United Arab Emirates Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar during a telephone interview with Hargeisa based journalist Mahmoud Waleleye.
“Upon his dispatch by the government of Somaliland to the UAE elder Abdi Warabe was registered at the Al-Khalifa hospital in Abu Dhabi where he has responded postivley to treatment and medication” said Amb Bashe
According to the envoy the entire cost of treatmet for the elderly member of Guurti, the upper chamber of parliament, aged over 120 years is being undertaken by the UAE government.
The support by the Emiratis revolves around footing the entire cost of treatment as well as hospitality for himself and accompanying spouse and grandchild.
“Having been satisfied by the positive reaction to medication Doctors at the Al-Khalifa hospital are considering discharging Elder Abdi Warabe”
If he is released from hospital as planned Elder Warabe and his acomanying family members are expected to return home to Somaliland this coming Wednesday.
Amb Bashe thanked the UAE government for the support and more so its presidency ministry that is responsible for servicing the treatment of Elder Abdi Warabe
President Silanyo visits Abdi Warabe before he was dispatched for medical treatment AbroadThe now week long UAE treatment for the peacemaker grand old man of Somaliland came a while upon his return from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for checkups that were facilitated by authorites in Hargeisa.

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